DC-012 GPS Pet Tracker
£199.80 Inc  
Order before 2 pm over the phone or in store. and you will have it the next working day.

The smallest, most durable, fully waterproof live GPS pet tracker available! Find your pet in seconds when they’re lost; Know exactly where your pet is when you’re not with them.
You can even check to ensure the dog walker has taken them for their full walk! FREE TRACKING APP- couldn't be easier to use.
Track your pet worldwide from your phone. More than one pet? Monitor them all at the same time through the same app.
Fully control your pet’s tracker remotely from your app. NO SET UP- SIM already installed. Just charge your pet tracker, and its ready to use!
Set up boundary alerts. ie outline the exact border of your garden, field or farmland etc. As soon as your pet crosses the boundary, you are sent an instant alert to your mapping panel and your Apple/Android phone (message can be sent to you and 3 different contacts)! Set up as many boundary alerts as you like. Around your home, pet sitters, the park. You can also set up zones in areas of danger, so if they enter this zone you will know immediately ie local rivers, lakes etc.
We know your pets can move fast. You can set your pet tracker to report as frequently as every 5 seconds. The fastest reporting time of any pet tracker!
It’s impractical to think dogs won’t jump in the nearest source of water given half a chance. That’s why our pet tracker is 100% waterproof and fully submergible. Your new pet tracker has been successfully tested on working dogs, gun dogs and any pooch that likes a puddle, a lake… or ocean!!
Your pet tracker will last between 2-5 days between charging. Charging couldn't be easier! Your tracker comes with a state of the art charging mat. Meaning you don’t even need to plug your tracker in. Just rest it on the mat for 2 hours. You can even keep the tracker on the collar!
Weighs the same as a pack of chewing gum! 100% waterproof, and fully submergible! Comfortable for your pet.
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