DC-007 Hard Wired GPS Live Tracker
£149.80 Inc
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A cost effective and easy to manage hard wired GPS tracker. Perfect for those who need to know where their personal or company assets, vehicles or employees are at any time.

  • – The all new DC-007 now with the latest generation vehicle tracking unit.
  • – The DC-007 is a cost effective and easy to manage fully-live GPS tracking tool. Perfect for those who need to know where their personal or personal/company vehicles or employees are at all times.
  • – Simple to operate and provides the essentials of GPS tracking, the DC-007 runs from the vehicle/asset battery, and allows constant tracking without having to charge the battery at regular intervals.
  • – No software needed. View live tracking via your desktop, laptop, tablet or Smart Phone. View from as many different computers and devices as you need to.
  • Free app for all Apple and Android smartphone users.
  • Control your tracker remotely from your mapping panel/app.
  • – Multiple trackers? For ease you can view them all on a single mapping panel.
  • – Zones feature. Set up as many zones as you need. Receive alerts when your tracker(s) enters/leaves any zone.
  • – All tracking history is recorded on your mapping panel and held indefinitely for viewing and downloading on to a document.
  • – 7 day reserve battery. If the power to your tracker is disconnected, it will continue tracking for 7 days.
  • – Easiest wired-to-vehicle tracker to install! Only 2 wires to connect to the vehicles/assets electrical supply. The tracker is already set up to the mapping panel with your private login details. To begin tracking you just need to connect your tracker and login.
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