Hire GPS Trackers

You may not require having a Live GPS Tracker fitted to your vehicle permanently, but you may wish to know the whereabouts of a certain item, individual, or asset at any given time but do not want the expense of purchasing a tracker only for it to be used once and then put away in a cupboard or drawer somewhere in the house.

We at Dash Cam UK offer a full hire and tracking service to all our customers. Our staff will be able to monitor the unit and and inform you of the whereabouts of that unit at a time that. They will also be able to give you a historical print out of the units activities, such as date, time, speed along with how long and where the vehicle/person has been parked or stood still.

We never ask our customers why they wish a vehicle/person to be monitored, but we can guarantee that our trackers are among the most reliable and accurate live GPS Trackers  in the world.

Cost of Hire + Monitoring:     Per Week:    £50.00 +  Returnable Deposit

  • History files Print out

  • Live emergency update if required 

  • Live assistance (Office Hours).

Cost of Hire + Monitoring Per Month:   £150.  +  Returnable Deposit

  • History files Print out

  • Live emergency update (if required).

  • Live assistance (Office Hours).

Cost of Monitoring Only:    Per Month:   £30.00  (Clients Tracker)

  • Full print out of all journeys taken

  • Posted to your desired address

  • Case Manager for any quires regarding our services.

What Do I Get ?.

As a monitoring service, we will provide you with your own ID code which is required before we can give information on any of our trackers.

On receiving the correct ID code, our operators will be able to give you a full printout of all activities of the tracker that we are monitoring on your behalf.

Should you wish for us to monitor and provide you with live minute to minute report for whatever reason, an additional charge will accrue and will be taken from your initial deposit

You are reminded that the hire of the GPS Tracker are responsible for its safe return, any damage or loss will automatically be deducted from your deposit.

Should you feel that the above services are of use to you, please call us during office hours or fill out the "contact Us" form and one of our operatives will get back to you at you chosen time.

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