Hire GPS Trackers

Having a GPS Tracker fitted to your vehicle permanently would be a good thing as statistics show that more and more motor cars, motor bikes and also push bikes are getting stolen each year, and sometimes never to be seen again. So having a Live GPS tracker fitted to your prize possession would be a smart move. We understand that you may not wish to purchase a tracker but require the use of one from time to time, this is where the service that we offer below may suite your needs.

Trackers for Hire


Cost of Hire + Monitoring:     Per Week:    £50.00 +  Returnable Deposit

  • History files Print out
  • Live emergency update if required 
  • Live assistance (Office Hours).

Cost of Hire + Monitoring Per Month:   £150.  +  Returnable Deposit

  • History files Print out
  • Live emergency update (if required).
  • Live assistance (Office Hours).

Cost of Monitoring Only:    Per Month:   £40.00  (Clients Tracker)

  • Full print out of all journeys taken
  • Posted or e-mailed to your desired address
  • Case Manager for any queries regarding our services.

Track and recover of stolen vehicles within the UK  The cost of recovering a stolen vehicle that we are monitoring can be negotiated as it would depend on where the vehicle is at the time, what type of vehicle it is and what type of transport is required to bring it back to you. 

What Do I Get ?. As a monitoring service, we will provide you with your own ID code which is required before we can give information on any of our trackers. On receiving the correct ID code, our operators will be able to give you a full printout of all activities of the tracker that we are monitoring on your behalf and send it either to an e-mail address or by other means.  Should you wish for us to monitor and provide you with live minute to minute report for whatever reason, an additional charge will accrue and will be taken from your initial deposit.

You are reminded that the person who hires the GPS Tracker are responsible for its safe return, any damage or loss will automatically be deducted from your deposit. Should you feel that the above services are of use to you, please call us during office hours or fill out the "contact Us" form and one of our operatives will get back to you at your chosen time.

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